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Why outsource your IT?

There are several good reasons to outsource your IT.

  1. To save money

    • ​An employee that is knowledgeable in, security, servers, networking, ​​and any new technology the company will need for future growth will bring in a six figure salary. Using an MSP can cut that cost in half. To save even more, you don't have to pay out employee benefits.

  2. Less down time​

    • We all know that things go wrong at the worst time. With employees you have to hope everything goes well while they are on vacation, paternity or maternity leave, even sick days.​ Then there are work hours. Once the employee clocks out, they are less likely to place urgency on any emergencies. MSP's employ a team of technicians and engineers 24x7. There is more than enough backup throughout the entire day.

  3. More Knowledge​

    • Speaking of that team, you will have multiple highly trained experts at your disposal for a cost less than ​that of one employee with one set of knowledge. Each expert brings their own knowledge to the table to benefit all.

Is NCS right for me?

This is a good question.

If you value good customer service, then look no further.

We strive for the best, so we employ the best!

Each member is first selected based on their personality. We can always give our employees the knowledge they need to succeed, we can't however give them a good outlook on life.

NCS also looks at our clients bottom line. We tailor solutions that fit your budget without sacrificing in quality. We just don't push the highest end equipment on you and say "take it or leave it."

We give back to the community. We offer discounted services to our non-profit clients, and to businesses owned by those who have served our county in the military.

Already have an MSP?

Meet with our friendly engineers that treat you with respect, not just the next appointment in their overworked day.

A second set of eyes will do you good. Our free network assessment will let you know if your current MSP has missed anything vital. Are you getting everything they say you are paying for?

What is HIPPA / PCI Compliance?

Do I need an MSP?

You may not need managed services monitoring and maintaining your equipment every month.


We also provide consulting services for one time events, or even project work and you can call on us only when you need us.

Setup a meeting with one of our engineers so we can do a free assessment and we can give you expert advice that lets you know where you stand. 

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